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JD Pendry Blog Site (VERY Good)

Keystone Chapter Widows Sons (Central IL Chapter Widows Sons)

Kidd Kaddilac & The Continentals Great 50's & 60's Band

Caisson Platoon Equine Assisted Programs (Therapy for Wounded Soldiers)

Road Guardians (Riders Assisting Riders)

Hoka Hey (Epic Motorcycle Challenge)

The Road Wanderer (Most Excellent Routes in the US)

National Motorcycle Museum (North Central Iowa)

Mermet Springs (Premier Dive Site Southern Illinois)

Then Came Bronson (Where it all started for me)

Rescue Riders (Riders Helping Riders)

Talimena Scenic Byway (Arkansas & Oklahoma)

Gentle Giants (Ever wonder what Robin is doing after Batman dumped him?)